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Do We Offer Payday Loans?

The short answer is no, ADM do not provide a payday loan or cash advance service. This is because as loan brokers we operate in the area of personal loans, and prefer to keep our focus on our area of expertise.

There are also several problems with payday loans such as high costs and the 'trap' of having to renew your loan every month, and in most circumstances we believe another form of credit is a better alternative.

For example, a debt consolidation loan followed by drawing up a new personal budget will provide a longer term and cheaper solution to being short of money every month.

Having said that, if you have no underlying financial problems then a payday loan / cash advance can in some cases be useful in bridging an emergency gap in your finances, but we strongly recommend that you think carefully before entering into a payday loan agreement, as you may find it to be a costly and lengthy exercise.


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