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Pay No Fees With an ADM Loan

Unlike many other loan brokers, we don't charge an upfront fee for arranging a loan.

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When you apply online, you won't be asked to supply any bank details or debit card numbers, and you won't be charged a thing. All you need to do is provide the minimum information we ask for such as your address and telephone number, and then we'll get to work matching up your application to a suitable lender or master broker.

We don't charge any admin fee for this service. We also don't tell you we've found a loan deal but then ask you to pay a 'release fee' before we'll give you the details. This is not how we operate! If your loan application is successful, any admin charges or broker fees that may apply can be added to your loan, meaning you pay nothing in advance of actually getting your money in your account.

Why We Don't Charge

As loan brokers, ADM Online make their money by matching loan applicants to suitable lenders. When a loan is approved and paid out, we receive a commission. This means that our business relies on both the borrower and the lender being happy with the deal, or we receive no money.

We believe that relying on charging upfront fees to make money removes the incentive towards actually arranging a loan, as every application earns the broker money whether or not the promise of a loan was actually delivered on.

Some unscrupulous businesses will charge a fee with a guarantee of a loan offer, only to offer a payday loan or one for an amount completely different to what was applied for, and often at sky high interest to boot!

By not charging in advance we have to work harder to get you the loan you want, not just fob you off with an offer you don't want to accept!

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